Monday, April 23, 2012


I recently ordered some new tags for the kittehs.  I got them some FurCode Pet ID tags with QR Technology.
Honestly, I have seen the boxes on all kinds of things, and I even have a scanner on my iphone.  They were having a special, and because I ordered 4, they gave me a discount.  They even have different colors, and of course I ordered 4 different colors.  Blue for Dunkin, Red for Joey, Pink for Derby, and Purple for Dallas.  It's pretty cool, cause you go online and input the information for each pet under their "code".  It's pretty comprehensive- not just your name and phone number, but all kinds of information.  You upload a photo of the kitteh, birthdate, whether they are spayed/neutered, breed, color.  Your contact name, several phone numbers, email, twitter, your vet, names, their phone, address, vaccination information.  It is pretty cool.  So when you scan the little QR box with your smartphone, the public info pops up.  They can also access the info online at the FurCode website.  I am quite impressed with this.

So my kittehs are hip, happening Dudes and Dudettes.  Here are some pics with their tags.

Here is Derby, modeling the lovely pink FurCodes tag.

A close up shot of the QR box.  I love this technology.

Dunkin is such a handsome boy.  His tag is a lovely blue.

Such a sweet face.  Here you can see the pretty blue tag.

Anyway, I think it is a cool idea.

Their website is    Here is what the public page looks like:

Avatar Image Edit My Profile

Joey Jewell

  • Profile
  • Settings


Name Joey Jewell
Date of Birth July 18, 2004
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Breed Tuxedo
Color Black/White


Contact Name Trudy
Primary Number 512-xxx-xxxx
Alternate Number 1 512-xxx-xxxx
Facebook Trudy Jewell
Twitter @tljewell07


Vet Balcones Animal Hospital/Dr. James Wood / Dr. Jason Wood
Phone 512-xxx-xxxx / 512-xxx-xxxx
Address , Austin, TX


Rabies Yes
Rabies Tag Number 0425
Rabies Vaccination Date March 23, 2012
Additional Vaccinations Distemper
Date Due for Rabies 03/23/15

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