Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Paper Caper Tuesday

You can't see her, but Gracie is in the bag.

I was sliding the boa toy in front of the bag, and Joey was fascinated.

Her little paw is lightening fast..

Glimpse of gray paw.

Why does she  get to be in the bag?

Derby, are you seeing this?

Come out Gracie, I want to play in the bag.

Did you hear me?  I said it's my turn!!

MOM, Gracie's NOT sharing!!!

She always was YOUR favorite!!!

But my turn is not over.

I get the bag for eleventy more minutes...

THEN it will be your turn, Joey.

Quit being such a BIG BABY!!!!
Geez, he is such a baby.

I still have lots of time before my turn  is over!

The line lengthens.....

And then someone peed on the bag......


2012:  Majestic Monday

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