Friday, September 14, 2012

Fantastic Feline Friday

When I feed the cats canned food, everyone has their place: 

Gracie eats inside the box on the cat tree.

 Dunkin eats on the floor...

Joey on the floor beside him.  For some reason, they need to see each other....

 Derby eats in my chair.

Dallas does not like canned food.

 This is Gracie eating her kibble.  She always puts her little paws on the dish like that.

I think it is sooooo cute...

She looks so pretty when the light reflects off her coat...

She looks silver here...

Loves to attack this felt thing on the cat tree.

Rowr - I get you felt string.

I KILL you felt string!!!!

 Gracie always gets under the bakers rack.  Dunkin thinks he can fit under it.

Not as small as you think you are, are you?

Joey- hates the flash

So does Dunkin

Dallas Chillaxin.....

Derby is not amused.

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