Thursday, September 20, 2012

This N' That Thursday

My trip to New York City.

 The ceiling at Union Station.  It had constellations painted on it.
 This lovely italian bistro we had brunch at.  The fish were colorful and very clever.
 All different colors.

I loved this building.  It was wavy....

I don't know how they did it, but I thought it looked so cool.

 Really wavy

A fountain in a park 

I love old architecture.  This building was beautiful

A close up.

Love the ornate architecture.

The old with the modern....

One of the new World Trade Center buildings.

A church close to 9-11 site.

 A firefighters memorial. in bronze accross the street from the 9-11 site.

It was beautiful.  Because 9/11 was the week before, there were alot of memorials and flowers there.

Have I mentioned I love older architecture?

I loved this art-deco type building.

Old and new.....

The South Tower memorial.  It was a very emotional visit. 

I still remember that day as if it were yesterday.

The memorial is really beautiful and peaceful.  There is something about water moving that is peaceful to me.

This tree survived the attack.  It was the subject of some type of memorial service earlier in the week.

One of the new World Trade Center Buildings still under construction.

The other WTC building

The North Tower Memorial

Very awe-inspiring.

It was a very solemn place.  

One of the museum/gift stores not yet opened.

I liked this curvy type street.

A close up

United Nations

My nieces and Baby E on Times Square.

M&M Store


Times Square.

There are so many people in NY.  

I know I walked around with my mouth open.

Everything was so tall.  And noisy.

Helloooo, a cat!!!!

A view down 7th

People everywhere!!
 7th at night.


St. Patrick's Cathedral.  They were in the process of renovating.  Scaffolds everywhere.

Stained glass windows.

It was massive and beautifully ornate.


It had alot of alcoves for different saints.

St. Patrick's corner

I have no idea what this is, but it looked cool.

St Patrick's prayer.

Fountain at FAO Schwartz.

Love it.....

Baby E on Times Square at night.

We went to this cool place called the Stardust.  All of the waitstaff were aspiring broadway actors.  They took turns singing.  He was singing "New York"

These 3 were singing "Luck be a Lady".

They were very good.

Phantom of the Opera, natch!!

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