Monday, November 26, 2012

Maximum Monday

Lots of pics today

 Gracie has taken to snuggling with Dunkin.

Joey in his chair in my bedroom

Gracie in the window

She is such a pretty girl

Loves looking out the window.

So pretty

I love her little face.

The torties have decided they really like snuggling.

I catch them like this at least once a day.

Joey watching the patio

He is an excellent guard cat.

Dunkin by the new fountain.  More on that later.

Loves his grass.

Gracie gets along with everyone except the FAP's/  They still hiss at her.  But then again, they hiss at everyone...

The sunshine feels good

I LURV my grass

It tastes so yummy.

There is a bug outside.

I would keel you if I could reach you.....

Dunkin snoozing in a sun puddle..

He really enjoys it.

I do not.  I am pretending.....

Sweet Joey Boy

Loves everyone.

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