Thursday, December 20, 2012

This N' That Thursday

A couple of weekends ago, we decided to have an adventure.  We took a steam train from Cedar Park to Burnet and visit Main Street Bethlehem.  I have been on the steam train several times, and it is always fun.  This is the first time I have ever been to Main Street Bethlehem.  A little church in Burnet runs it, and they have this whole little city set up.  The people dress like they did back in the time of the savior's birth, have oil lights, bake with fire ovens, etc.  It was really fun.

 Usually there is a western gun fight re-enactment, but at Christmas they just visit the train and "rob" the passengers for charity.

This is the resident "floosie".  During the summer, you can pay to be a "floosie for a day"!  Ha Ha

Close up of said floosie

The Star over the city.  The train arrived at 4:30, and we got in line immediately for the Bethlehem thing.  They opened it early at 5:30, so we were out by 6:30 or so.

This is the sign.

Entering the city....

I don't know why it looks like it is snowing, they had fires going everywhere, maybe it is ash.


 These two ladies were making pottery. 

She was using a foot driven wheel

A roman soldier

They were doing a census and collecting taxes here.

All the actors really stayed in character....

If you asked them a question, they would answer like it was Bethlehem....



This was the leather worker



The blacksmith

This lady was dying fabric, and explaining how she was using berries to dye the fabric...

Can't remember what she was doing.


Another roman soldier.

better shot

Another soldier

Blacksmith again

Camels again

I think he was getting pissed at me..

These girls were grinding corn

by hand

boy am I glad I didn't live back then.

Water well

Bakers- bread samples

A jewish household


The tavern

Dancers and singers.
 Tavern still

The synagogue 

The star over the stable



Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus.

It was a real baby.

A shepherd.

After Main Street Bethlehem, we went to Main street Burnet.  They have "Christmas on the Square"

This is the courthouse

Courthouse.  I loved the lights 

They had vendors, and food carts.

I really like the lights

A store on the square

Courthouse again
 Another side of the courthouse

The tree at the courthouse.

It was really big
 Another view




Another store.

I love these bluebonnets.  They were like 10 feet tall.

The line of people was for Main Street Bethlehem.  It wrapped all around the square and was 3 blocks away from the square.  It was a LONG line!

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