Thursday, August 23, 2012

This N' That Thursday

Went to see a hilarious movie on Sunday.  Bernie (rated PG-13) was so funny.  And it really happened!!  Here in my home state of Texas!!  I believe it is out on DVD, and I would highly recommend it!!

Gracie got her stitches out on Wednesday.  She is such a little sweetie.

She was so good. 

What  a sweetheart!!!

Joey and Dunkin got neckties.  They look so cute.

Joey is a sweetheart.  Nothing phases him......

You want me to wear a necktie?  No problem.....

Dunkin on the other hand,....

I WILL NOT wear that stupid necktie....

Forget it!!!!

And when you least expect it, I WILL pee on something!!

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