Monday, October 1, 2012

Monotonous Monday

Feel like its the same ole, same ole.....

 Gracie with her Jazz Hands.
 Loves the cat teaser.
 I got it!!!!
 Loves her fuzzy little balls.
 Gracie grazin in the grass....

She loves the kitty grass.  I order wheatgrass and barley seed.  and I have 4 containers that I rotate in and out.  So every few days, I dump the grass and put soil and seeds in it. In 3 days, the grass is 2 inches tall.

Dunkin and Gracie at the grass fountain....

This is some good grass......the bouquet is very has undertones of dirt and hummmmm what is that last flavor?

 I got this hanging cat bed. You put it on a chair.  Dunkin tried to get in it, but alas, he was too long......

What a sweet little face.  I just love this boy.

He really loves the new bed.

Joey loves the chair in my bedroom....

He is such a sweet lad.

Sitting on my chair....

Look at his sweet face.....

Friday's post showed the girls in the chair together.  They were still in it when I came out from posting.

I think what happened, was Derby jumped up in the chair, not realizing Dallas was already there.

An uneasy truce resulted.

Dallas in the hammick

Sorry it is so dark, the girls really hate the flash.

Derby in her chair.

I AM the queeen of my chair....

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