Thursday, May 16, 2013

This N' That Thursday - My Birthday Surprise

This past weekend, my friends surprised me with a little getaway.  They rented a van, and would not tell me where we were going.  We had breakfast at the Sunrise Cafe in Dripping Springs, then we went to the Wildseed Farms outside of Fredericksburg.

We had a blast there.  It is a huge nursery with all kinds of yard art.  Ya'll know my fetish for yard art!  I got two kinetic wind sculptures.  I love them!!  They had a wine area, and sold beer and wine by the glass.  They also have fields and fields of wildflowers.  They had a butterfly garden too!

This sego palm was HUGE!!

This one was pretty good sized also!

Flowers in the butterfly garden


They had benches all along the pathways.

Cool bush

I had never seen this flower before....

Lavender field





It was very peaceful there.....

Next Thursday, I will tell you about the second half of the day.  I have about 150 pictures from that.  We had so much fun!!!!  I have awesome friends!!!!

2012:  Look, Mamma, I match the chair.

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