Thursday, May 30, 2013

This N' That Thursday

Here are the rest of the pictures from the Benini Studio and Sculpture Ranch.  There are of the outside sculptures.

These kenetic air sculptures were amazing!!

I love the stand on this one....

There were called Agave.  The little blossoms moved

This was called Letting Go.....

This was 2 people balancing.

There were little faces all over them.

Kinda cool, and kinda creepy.

Mom & Dad

Wish I had taken pictures of the plaques.

Another kinetic sculpture.  I loved these.


This one was really cool.  It moved several different ways.  

The wings moved around.

Rock paper scissors.

Use your imagination....

Loved these.....
 This bicycle was about 7 feet tall.

This was taken from a distance.  It was 15-20 feet tall.

This was 15-20 feet high too.

This was huge too.

Another cool/creepy one.

Naked lady archer.

You could sit on this one.

Set of 3

Dancer 1

Dancer 2

Another cool/creepy one.  This time it was a cat..

I see these alot in the hill country.

LOVE this one!!

Set of 3 flowers.

View from top of the hill where the house was.  Pretty, isn't it?



Hi Ho Silver!!!

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