Thursday, May 23, 2013

This N' That Thursday

Okay, today I get to tell ya'll what we did the second half of the day.  We went to the Benini Studio and Sculpture Ranch.  It was so awesome!!  The ranch is 142 acres and has sculptures along side the road throughout the ranch.  The Gallery and Studio used to be the hangar for the helicopter for LBJ.  Today I will show you the pictures I took inside the gallery.  Next week I will show you the pictures I took of some of the sculptures.  Otherwise the post will be too long.....

These paintings were called the Face of God.....

This one was Trombone and Flying Nun.  The little figure on top looked like the flying nun.....

Another Face of God...

                                                                                                       This one was a 3-d piece.

I didn't take pictures of the cards with the names.  Some of these are by Mr. Benini, and some aren't.

These 3 helmets were not by Mr. Benini.  They were very ornate.

Another helmet.

Last one.....

This was a kinetic sculpture.  It was so cool to watch.  

It moved back and forth, and back and forth.

I was mesmerized by it.  Wish I had an extra 2500.00.

This one was called Dancer.  I really like it!!!

2012:  Groovin'

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