Monday, August 13, 2012

Medical Monday

So, Gracie was spayed on Friday.  She was sleepy the rest of the day on Friday.  At first she went out into the garage and slept out there.  I kept going out to check on her, as I took 1/2 the day off to keep an eye on her.  I realized it had been since 1993 that I had a cat that needed to be spayed.  The FAP's came to me spayed, and all the cats I've had since Button were males.  Much easier to neuter males.   I was really worried about Gracie.  Honestly, after Friday, she was fine.  In fact I heard her bell all night Saturday night playing.   So she is perfectly normal. 

 Here you can see her shaved tummy. 

What a little sweetie.  Everyone at the vet office loves her.  The vet said she will probably be a tiny cat. She weighed 4.7 pounds for her spaying. 

She did not cry once on the way to or from the vet.  Joey cries the entire time.  Every time.  Actually he starts the second you put him in a crate and cries until he comes out.  Often he is hoarse at the vet's.  I feel so bad for him.

As I am typing this, I hear Dunkin keening.  I went to check on him, and he was on my bed with his "baby" in his mouth.  He has this stuffed black and white kitty that I got at Target.  He has 8 or so stuffed kitties, all colors, but he only loves his mew-mew.  I can say to him, "Where is mew-mew?" and he will go find her.  He has licked her almost bald in several places.  He is so funny. 

 Sometimes I will tease him, and pick up mew-mew and make mewling sounds.  He gets so distressed.  I think he thinks she is alive. 

 Here is the famous mew-mew.  I find her all over the house.  He carries her around in his mouth.  He has licked her whiskers off, and there is this spot on her side he has almost licked thru the fabric. 

 So he has decided he likes the fountain box again.  I was going to throw it in the recycle bin, but.....

 Sometimes I hide in it.  You can't see me, right?

Is the coast clear?

I am very comfortable.....

Guest appearance from Derby......

And Joey...

Have I mentioned what a sweetie he is?

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