Button and Dusty

Rainbow Bridge Babies - Button and Dusty

When I first moved to Austin, this cat showed up at work.  She was this tiny tail-less cat.  She was the sweetest, tiniest cat.  We fed her at work, and she lived under the steps.  Every morning she would come out and greet me.  Soon she was mine.  I named her Button, cause she was as cute as one.  She passed away on 3/21/99 from kidney failure.  My heart was broken.  I still miss her.  I got Dusty when I had had Button for about a year.  He was a solid gray cat-beautiful.  And he loved Button so much.  They were best friends and always slept together.  When Button passed away, he cried and cried for months, looking for her.  Dusty passed away in October of 2008.  He had thrown a blood clot and it had lodged at the veins that go to his legs.  He was paralyzed.  The vet tried to dissolve the clot, but was unable.  He joined Button at the Rainbow Bridge.  I know he is so happy to be with her again.  I still miss them both so much.