Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yard Art

 I love Yard Art.  When Ann and I were in Canton, a few of my purchases were Yard Art.  Ann also bought me two pieces of Yard Art for my birthday.  What an awesome sister I have!!  So last weekend I had to work in my yard and get it all pretty.  Here are the pictures.

This is my garden spot.
 This shot is from the front.  My yard is a Certified Natural Wildlife Habitat.  I love my big Sunflower.

 My butterfly bush is already huge.  I may have to cut it back.  The butterflies love it.  Last year with the drought, I didn't see many butterflies, but this year I have seen tons.
 I love my flamingos. 

 This is bugleweed.  It has the prettiest purple flowers in the spring.  It is excellent ground cover and only a few inches high.  It is planted around my small elm tree in the front.  See my metal cat?
 Here you can see my new peacock.  It is by the sign.  It is beautiful.  You can also see my Mama and Baby Flying pigs.
 This is my carolina jasmine.  It is starting to bloom.  I love the fragrance the flowers put out.
 Here you can see part of my big donkey, and the little donkey.  They are so cute.  Their heads bounce up and down in the wind.
The Salvia attracts lots of bees and butterflies.  My roses are all doing well also.

Pretty soon it will be hotter than hades here.  I love this time of the year.  I love my Yard Art

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