Friday, April 27, 2012

Fantastic Feline Friday

Without Further Ado........

Starting with the youngest...HHHHHeeeerrrrrreeeee'sssss Joey.

Being black, he is hard to see.  He loves the cat tree in the living room.  Actually, he loves all three of the cat trees.  (No, they are not spoiled at all).

James Dean Handsome Dunkin

Such a cutie pie, and a little stinker too!!

The Tortie Girls

Derby - Sweet lil thing.....

And Finally,   the Pissy Bitch, Dallas....

They love the boxes....

Two seconds later, Joey lays down in front of box, and .......

Here is Dallas hissing at him.  "How dare you get so close to me!!" 

Like I said, Pissy Bitch. 

She cracks me up!!

Have a Super Duper Weekend.  I am going to game night on Saturday.  Can't wait!!

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