Monday, April 16, 2012

Snuggly Cat Monday

Goodness!!  What a busy weekend.  Today I thought I would post some Snuggly Cat Pictures.  These pictures are starring Dunkin, Joey, and Dusty.  The FAP's don't do Snuggling.  So without further ado, Herrrrreeeee's the Snugglers!!

 Dunkin & Joey
 Joey & Dusty.  Joey is a totally impartial snuggler.  He will snuggle with anyone available.
 Dunkin often puts his paw over Joey.  So cute!
 Joey was a wee lad in this picture.  Dunkin was giving him a good cleaning.
 I love this picture.  It looks like Joey is trying to burrow into Dusty.
 Dusty & Joey
 Joey is double snuggling here.
 Dunkin & Joey again.
 Here Joey has his paw on Dunkin.
 Dusty and Joey.
Joey was still a wee lad here.  Dunkin thought he was his baby.

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