Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yard Art

I have some better pictures of my yard art.  Here is an excellent picture of my peacock.  I absolutely love him.  He is sooooo pretty.

Here you can see the momma donkey and baby, and to the right is momma pig and baby.  I love these donkeys.  They remind me of the donkey in Shrek.  Their heads move up and down.  Tres cute!!

Here is my big bunny, purple cat and part of my pink flamingo.  You can also see my butterfly dish.  It is by the butterfly bush.

More flamingos and part of my big yellow sunflower.

At the end is a citrus tree.  The lady I got it from told me it was a grapefruit tree, but I think it is a lime tree.  Had a ton of limes last year, kept waiting for them to turn yellow into grapefruits, never happened.  So pretty sure it is a lime tree.

Finally,  what is it about boxes that cats love?  Here is a bad picture of Dunkin in a box.  He loves that box.

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