Friday, November 30, 2012

Fantastic Feline Friday

The Camera Gods were not smiling on me as I tried to get pics of the kids.  95% of the pictures are of the backs of their heads or their butts.  I surrender!  I will go with what I got.

Dunkin on his pillow.

"It's Baf time!"

All Clean!

The torties snuggling again!

This is a figment of your imagination!

Handsome Man..

We do NOT like each other!!

Joey Boy

Half of Gracie's face.

Joey and Gracie guarding the deck.  The are excellent watch cats!

Did you see that?  Was it a squirrel?

I LURVS you!

Princess Gracie....

Profile pic.

Looking down......this was when I gave up!

Happy Last Day of November!!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

This N' That Thursday

Recently I went to see the Acro-Cats Show here in Austin.  I LOVED it.  I enjoyed everything about it.  The lady that trains the cats did a great job, but there were always surprises, cause they're CATS!

This is a groundhog.  He raised the flag.....

Tuna rang a bell.  Tuna was very tempermental.

Sometimes he didn't do what he was supposed to.

She used clicker training to train them.  This was a 8 week kitten that she was fostering.  He was available for adoption.

Sometimes things went awry.

But she always laughed...She said cats will keep you humble....

Jumping thru a hoop.


This cat rolled a ball between two poles.

She used cooked chicken, salmon, and beef as rewards.  She had a package on how to clicker train your cat.

She told us about each cat, and their purrsonalities....

This was a tortie.

She just kept going...

And going... 

This pole was about 12 feet high...

All of her cats were rescues...

I was very impressed.  She was a very sweet person.

Each cat had their favorite treat....

I really enjoyed the show....

Very acrobatic cats...

Tuna and the groundhog had a bowling tournament.

Tuna won. 

There was the Rock-Cats.

They played the piano, drums and guitar.

Tuna played the cowbell...

and the tortie played the chimes.

There was a chicken on the tambourine and cymbals...


A different drummer.  He was new

and wasn't sure....

Tuna was excellent on the cow-bell


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Three Kitteh Tuesday

Two FAP's and a lovee......

Dallas on the couch

Derby in her chair

Joey with his look o' love....

Monday, November 26, 2012

Maximum Monday

Lots of pics today

 Gracie has taken to snuggling with Dunkin.

Joey in his chair in my bedroom

Gracie in the window

She is such a pretty girl

Loves looking out the window.

So pretty

I love her little face.

The torties have decided they really like snuggling.

I catch them like this at least once a day.

Joey watching the patio

He is an excellent guard cat.

Dunkin by the new fountain.  More on that later.

Loves his grass.

Gracie gets along with everyone except the FAP's/  They still hiss at her.  But then again, they hiss at everyone...

The sunshine feels good

I LURV my grass

It tastes so yummy.

There is a bug outside.

I would keel you if I could reach you.....

Dunkin snoozing in a sun puddle..

He really enjoys it.

I do not.  I am pretending.....

Sweet Joey Boy

Loves everyone.