Friday, November 30, 2012

Fantastic Feline Friday

The Camera Gods were not smiling on me as I tried to get pics of the kids.  95% of the pictures are of the backs of their heads or their butts.  I surrender!  I will go with what I got.

Dunkin on his pillow.

"It's Baf time!"

All Clean!

The torties snuggling again!

This is a figment of your imagination!

Handsome Man..

We do NOT like each other!!

Joey Boy

Half of Gracie's face.

Joey and Gracie guarding the deck.  The are excellent watch cats!

Did you see that?  Was it a squirrel?

I LURVS you!

Princess Gracie....

Profile pic.

Looking down......this was when I gave up!

Happy Last Day of November!!!!!

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