The Torties

Dallas and Derby are my two tortie sisters.  They were born on 9/19/99.  I call them my FAP's (Feline American Princesses) because they can be very opinionated and pissy, especially towards the Boys.  They came to me from a home where an austistic child was living.  Dallas has always been very skittish.  She is not a cuddler, never liked being touched at all.  Lately she has decided she does like attention, but on her terms only. If you don't pet her exactly like she wants you to, she fusses at you.  It is funny and annoying at the same time.

Derby is a sweetheart.  She is my lap cat.  As soon as I sit down to watch TV, she is in my lap.  Doesn't like it if I get up.  Enjoys hissing at the Boys.  Bless her heart, her body does not like her teeth, and they fall out.  She will be totally toothless soon.