Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Back Yard

My house backs up to a green belt owned by the city, so it will never be developed.  It's a bit like living in the country in my back yard, and living in the city in the front.  I love it.  It is the reason I bought my house.  The back of the house faces west, so it gets the afternoon sun.  This is the view from my deck.

The drought last year was hard on all the trees in the greenbelt.  We lost quite a few.
 On my deck, I have herbs and veggies growing.   I have lettuce, jalapenos, sweet basil, lavender, and of course, catnip!!
 I have three different types of mint: apple, sweet, and spearmint.  They make for great mojitos!!

This is my tomato plant.  No tomatoes yet. 

This is my Plumeria plant.  Last year it was over 6 feet tall, so last fall, I cut it into cuttings and planted them in pots.  Of the 10 cuttings, 9 of them grew.

 Here are the cuttings.  Looking good.  Some nice plants for my friends. :)

So, I will leave you will some final kitty shots.

Here is Derby doing her nightly lap cuddles with me.  She can be such a love.

And finally, Dunkin and Joey.   Dunkin was inbetween the two big pillows, and he was laying so funny.  His paws were in the air (all four of them) and he really looked very uncomfortable.  But he must have been comfortable cause he stayed that way for awhile.

This is a picture from the side.  Does not look comfortable.  But who can figure cats?

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