Friday, January 25, 2013

Fantastic Five Feline Friday

Lots of pics today

It was 81 here in Austin today...  I want the cold weather back!!

Joey and Gracie love to sit in the open window in my bedroom.

Such a handsome, sweet little man.

I love Gracie's little face.  She is such a sweetheart.

Can I go outside?

No, baby, you can't.

 But there's squirrels out there!!!

Yea, Mom never lets us out.  We get to admire from the house...

It doesn't seem quite fair.

Sweetie, it is far too dangerous for you out there.

Ok, if you say so.....

Derby under the table, keeping a close eye on Dunkin.

I are ignoring you!!

Handsome boy.

Watching for Dunkin, ready to HISS.

She is the hissing queen, that one, and her sister too!!

It is so annoying!!

Minding my own business, and HISS, HISS, HISS.

Enough already!!

Oh BITE me!!

Dallas in the cat tree in the garage.

Such a pretty little FAP.

I ar ignoring you too.

Joey and Gracie in the window.


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