Friday, February 8, 2013

Five Fantastic Feline Friday

Dallas in the chair.

She always closes her eyes..

Doesn't like the flash....


Joey in the window.

His eyes are so purty

He is such a sweetie pie


Dunkin in his very manly bed.


I spy with my little eye......

What you want?

Why you bugging me?

Leave me be, woman!!

I will not look at you.

Gracie in the hammick

She will look at me.....

There was a bug in the lamp..

It drove her crazy....

I want that bug...

My protein intake is low today!

Where did it go?

I think she looks a little looney here.

There it is!!

Snoozing Dunkin

I am ignoring you!

Gracie loves to get on this end table....

Sleeping beauty!

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