Thursday, May 3, 2012

This N' That Thursday

I love orchids.  I still have a few, but before I bought my current house, I had a lot of orchids.  I mean a lot.

When I moved, the orchids didn't care for the light at my new house, and so I lost most of my plants.

At my old house, I loved this time of the year, cause all the orchids would bloom.  
 I had two bakers racks full of orchids.  The window faced south, and the orchids loved it.  They went nuts.

Here are some pictures of the prettiest.

This one had tiny flowers.  I lost the parent plant, but have several babies that have not bloomed yet.

This one was from Hawaii.  The flowers smelled like cloves.  So pretty.

This one is an oncidium orchid.  I think the flowers look like angels.

This one had a soft fragrance.

I am a sucker for spots and stripes.

Stripes.  Cool shape.

More stripes

Stripes and Spots.......

I miss the beauty, but I don't miss the 2 hours every weekend to water them all.  Now it takes me 20 minutes to water the survivors.  Wish I had something besides a west window for them.

Cute kitty photo op:

Dunkin loves this duck.

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