Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Three Kitteh Tuesday

Been going thru old photos, so today's post is visited by Rainbow Bridge Baby, Dusty.  Here is a photo of him from 2007.  I still miss his sweet presence.

 He was such a gentle soul.  And so beautiful.  I remember when he passed away, my vet told me that male gray cats are always special.  Of course I was crying hysterically, so I could be mistaken.  He was a prince of a cat.
 Guess it's going to be an all boy day.  Here is Joey.  I think he looks like a little panther.  He really loved Dusty.  Loved cuddling with him.
And last, but not least, here is Dunkin.  This picture really shows his golden eyes.  I love this little man.


  1. Aren't old photos a treasure? It helps to remember and pay tribute to their beauty and wisdom.

    1. So true, but sometimes there is a catch in your heart too. Gris-Gris reminds me of Dusty.