Monday, April 30, 2012

Melancholy Monday

I had a really great weekend.  Don't know why it makes me so blue when I do.  Ha!  I'm a poet, didn't even know it.  Seriously I went to breakfast on Saturday with friends, went to Game Night on Saturday night (at D's house, so I didn't even have to clean), went to breakfast with a friend on Sunday, and had the most awesome massage Sunday afternoon.  Why do I feel so melancholy? 

D's mother is an awesome artist, and she has this piece of art that her mom made in the guest restroom that I keep threatening to steal.   I love this little guy.

He just screams attitude!!  I absolutely love this seagull!!  He reminds me of Joe Pesci.

We usually play Mexican Train.  We bring food and drinks and talk and laugh and drink, and laugh and talk and laugh.  We laugh alot.  It is good medicine.  We were down a few people this week, M & W couldn't come, and they are the resident comedians.  So we didn't laugh as much as usual this week.  We quit keeping score, and it is so much more pleasant. 

This is my fantastic train.  I always pick the silver sparkly train. 

I really do have some good friends. 

I finally got a decent picture of Joey.  In my bathtub.  Such a goof.  He is such a sweetie.

Here is laser-eyed Derby giving Joey the stink eye.

Here is Dunkin.  Sometimes he sleeps on the extra pillow, but most of the time he sleeps on MY pillow, and I have about two inches for myself. 

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