Friday, July 6, 2012

Five Fantastic Feline Friday

Lots of pictures for y'all today. 

First up is Dallas.

Next up is Derby, her sister.

This is where she gets her canned food.  In MY chair.  Do I love my cats, or what.

Dunkin is next.  Such a pretty face....

Currently my living room looks like a kitty wonderland- toys are everywhere.  The joys of a kitten.....

Joey is next.

And finally, here's Gracie!!

 She likes to hang out under the plant stand.

She gets her canned food in the cat tree.

I have to say that having a kitten has increased the playfulness of Joey and Dunkin.  They both are more playful and Dunkin is surprisingly tolerant of Gracie.


  1. I love Gracie!!! Joey has the same grumpy look my Maine Coon has - he always looks grumpy but he's not. But oh Gracie what a cutie!! :)

    1. She really is a doll!! So much energy!! Thanks so much for visiting.