Friday, July 13, 2012

Five Fantastic Feline Friday

Have some really cute pictures today.

 Handsome Little Man Joey.  Gracie sure does have a thing for him.  She LOVES to attack him.  He puts up with it for awhile, and then he gives her the "paw-o-doom", and she backs off for awhile.

Dunkin- just chillin and watching "Franklin & Bash".
 Sweet little ever'lovin Derby. 
 Dallas and her funny face.

Crazy little Gracie.  I had to get her a different collar, because she kept getting out of the other one, and this morning, I could not find it.  I like being able to hear where she is.

Bonus Friday Pics

 Last night I was so surprised to see this......

I think the boys are getting used to Gracie....

Well, Dunkin is anyway!

They stayed like this for awhile....

Finally Dunkin left, and Gracie is all "Where did he go?"

Queen of the pillow......

That girl can PLAY!!!!  She has every kitty toy out!
Today at Petsmart, I saw this big floofy orange ball.  I thought Gracie would like it, but Dunkin was enjoying it too.

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