Friday, July 20, 2012

Fantastic Feline Friday

Dallas and Derby are first.  I don't get as many pictures of them for two reasons.  First, they are both hiders.  Second, I don't think they like to get their pictures taken.

 Dallas hiding under the table

I'm sleepy..
 Derby in her favorite chair.  Sleeping

Sleeping Beauty

Next up are the boys.  Joey first.  That boy is a mover.  It is hard to get a picture of him also.

Joey is an equal opportunity box lover. Doesn't matter the size....

 I love his white whiskers.

I AM Choosing to Let You Take a Picture of ME.

Dunkin doesn't mind pictures.  Actually I think he enjoys them..  cause there is kissing afterward.

I think he is so handsome.

But he can be a pill also.

Looks innocent, doesn't he

I'm keeping my eye on YOU!!

You may think I'm not watching, but I am!

Yes, I am talking to YOU!!

Me, be bad?  Don't be ridiculous!!

And finally, Princess Gracie:

Such a sweet little lovebug.

She loves the camera strap!!

Playing under the hammock, another favorite

She loves the fluffy balls.

Dunkin has trained her to lie on the pillows.

She likes the pillows

I think she has this startled look to her.

Loves the curvy scratcher.

And her fuzzy balls

And boxes.  Deconstructing them of course!!

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