Monday, July 9, 2012

Mega Monday

Lots of fun pictures for you today.  Gracie first

 The Gracie Girl loves to play.  She is one busy little girl.
 Going, going, going  all the time
 Wait, what is this hanging down stringy thing?
Give it to me........

 Gracie was playing in this box and flipped it over, covering her with the box.  Immediately, Joey crawled on top of the box and found it rather amusing.

Here Joey is listening to her bell under the box.

I made him get off after this and released Gracie.   She thought it was great fun.

 Got a new fountain for the cats.  Dunkin found the box a wonderful place for a little nappy nap.
 I just love this boy.  His face just kills me.
 Beautiful dreaming boy.  He loves to be kissed.  Absolutely loves it.  Except when he doesn't.

His paws were twitching right before I took this.

 Joey is always moving, so it is so hard to get a picture of him.  Here he looks a little drunk.  He is not, I assure you.
 Always moving, that boy.

Such a sweet boy.

And finally, the FAPS.

Both of the girls snuggled in their beds.

They are in these 60-75% of the time.  They love their beds.
 Dallas is such a hoot.

Here comes Joey saying, I love you.......

 Finally, some bonus Gracie shots.  That sweetie is so beautiful.  I just love her.

Checking out the squirrels in the trees.

Oh Hai, Momma!!!

See how big I am getting?

Yes, they want me for the cover of Cats Illustrated.

Please give me a kiss.......

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