Friday, April 12, 2013

Fantastic Five Feline Friday

Gracie in her big box.

Dunkin in front of the treat jar.

I keep their Zuke's Cat Treats with Glucosamine and Chondroitin in the jar.  Last night, I got home, and the lid was off and most of the treats were gone.  Not sure who the culprit is, but I must have not put the lid on tight, or one of them grew opposable thumbs overnight.

I would never do that, Mom!!!

Dunkin did it!!  I saw him.  But he did share!

I would never!!

He did so!

Look at this angelic face.  Is this the face of a serial treat killer?

How about now?

He did it, I tell you.

Tell me you believe me, Mom!

I do, Gracie!

Whew, that was close!

Maybe I helped a little....

But they are yummy treats!

Well. I had nothing to do with it!!


I am a sweet lovable boy.

I don't even like the darned things!!

Really I don't!


She is telling the truth!

I like them, but I was nowhere near the scene of the crime...

Don't look at me, I was in the garage!

And I don't like them either!

Look at that smug face!

2012:  Dunkin's Domain


  1. Dang! We're sorry we missed out on the treat party! Call us next time you get the lid off! :)