Friday, June 29, 2012

Fantastic Feline Friday

Here is the usual cast of characters in no particular order.

 Dunkin.  I love that he looks a little pigeon-toed here.
 Sweet little Derby.  She DOES NOT LIKE Gracie.  At ALL!

Darling Joey.

Dallas in her bed.
Gracie in the cat tree.

 I love it when they wrap their tails around their legs.
What a little princess. 

On a side note, I left Gracie out last night, instead of putting her in the bathroom.  Other than some late night playing, she snuggled next to me.  I didn't sleep well, cause I was afraid I would roll over on her.  Dunkin wasn't too keen on her being in HIS bed, but he was pretty good.  Only hissed at her once.  She was a real snuggle bunny once she ran out of steam.  Boy that girl can GO GO GO GO!!!  She loves to play!

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