Friday, June 22, 2012

Gracie Friday

More pictures and videos of Gracie

 Oh, hai, who are you?
 I am King Dunkin, squirt, and don't you forget it.
 Are you really a king?  Huh, are you, Huh?
 You best be believing it, kiddo.
 I smack your kingly tail.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Watch it kid!!  You don't want to make me mad.

Here are some video's.  This first one has some Gracie Floof.

Dunkin is being pretty nonchalant about Gracie.  Joey is terrified of her, and the two FAP's just hiss at her. Poor Gracie, all she wants to do is play......  I will post a link to a YouTube video when it uploads.  Here is the link.

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